OverHorde is The Revolution...Fight The Blockade

Come, Join The Revolution...Fight the Blockade!

    The Revolution begins with you, right here, right now.  We are at war with the masses and we must stand our ground and begin to march forward into history.  The Blockade is our arch enemy, our nemesis surrounds us in a lull towards a mundane existence.  It is everything that seeks to keep us quiet, without a voice to be heard.  It is everything that seeks to hold us back, far away from our dreams is the place where nightmares lurk behind every door.  We will not be trapped inside a vision of our world to be based on what is said by our society, government, or religion.  Our minds are strong and we think freely with a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring forth wisdom, that which is necessary to consume the world from various angles to gain true perspective on life.  The time is now.  We must think for ourselves in an effort to open chaos from the here and now then out of that chaos bring about a new world where anything is possible.  Join us!