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The Husk



The fusion of the Dragon Brimstone and the Son of Xon; in essence they are the negative and positive, beast and human within Maggeddon. When combined, The Husk is heard and is the tongue of Maggeddon, thus he eats fire and spits scuds. He is a metallic man-dragon, the War Monger, the xenophobic nightmare in the flesh. A warlord of unparalleled Plutonian power and an unbridled passion for pain and destruction, he will finish what has just begun, the end is near.

The Dragon Brimstone

The Metallic Dragon of the Abysmal Region who feeds on the negative energy expelled from all beings. He is a mechanized entity, using this energy as fuel for the fire that burns white within. He does not think, for he is a creature of instinct, a sinister monster who eradicates everything in his path, the embodiment of annihilation.

  The Son of Xon (Sublime Rhyme)

The physical, humanoid form of King Xon, who acts as the voice of reason within The Husk and he is imperative to Oblivion's existence. Known to some as Sublime Rhyme, an Earthwalker, he feeds Etare Neged with the Plutonian Essence so he may ultimately achieve immortality when Oblivion is realized. Before he was created, The Husk was a malformation of Armageddon, and if left unchecked, the perilous journey of our universe into a black vortex of nothingness.