OverHorde is The Revolution...Fight The Blockade

  The Tongue Horde

We are the Earthwalkers, taking the physical forms of the Positive, Negative and Neutral energy: Non Hsrah, Mau Fatt the Rotgut and Etare Neged. Our mission is to infect mankind with self-reliance and the knowledge of Eternal Forces. The Eternal Forces are bound to us in a fusion of mind, body and soul. They may be entirely different for each person as well as each of the Nine Incarnations. There is no singular beginning or end to this existence. This is what we represent and the Tongue is our weapon.
·      Etare Neged
·      Mau Fatt the Rotgut
·      Non Hsrah

  The Husk

We are the Knights of Husk, taking the physical forms of Positive, Negative and Neutral sounds of cataclysm: The Son of Xon, The Dragon Brimstone and Maggeddon. Our mission is to decimate, lay waste to those who stand in the way of Domination Over All (DOA). If The Tongue Horde does not reach its objective on the first day by wielding the tongue, we shall not fail on the second by wielding the sword. Indeed the sword picks up where the pen leaves off and we are the rage and anger that propels it. Vengeance is ours, as we are the culmination of this world's existence and the beginning of the next.
  ·      Maggeddon
·      The Dragon Brimstone
·      The Son of Xon (Sublime Rhyme)

The OverLords

We are the inhabitants of Oblivion, taking no physical form, the force of the Positive, Negative and Neutral existence: Harness the Sixth, Lord Thane Nekoterof and King Xon. We rise on the Third and final Day of Nekoterof to a plane of legend and mythology, ruling the Kingdom of Earth from beyond. Our existence is shrouded in the darkness of shadows in the background of the vision seen by mankind.
·      King Xon
·      The Lord Nekoterof
·      Har Ness the Sixth