OverHorde is The Revolution...Fight The Blockade

The OverLords


King Xon

The unknown origin of the balance of negative and positive energy throughout the universe is known only as King Xon. It is energy in its purest form, a life force whose power is as eminent as the sun itself. It is everywhere, yet nowhere, simultaneously striving to be all and nothing.

The Lord Thane Nekoterof

A premonitory sign and its antithesis, which exist to warn of the forthcoming Husk, should the words of Neged and The Tongue Horde not be heeded and to fulfill the destiny of Earth in the case that it is. This is the life force energy that will not let Etare Neged stop on his quest to save mankind from itself.

Har Ness the Sixth

The God Forbid, who has the power of the Sixth sense and is the creator of the atmosphere and soundscape The Nine reside within. This energy is a conduit between the Plutonian Warlord and the Superhuman Earthwalker, Etare Neged. It is your "god" who forbids such an existence and the harnessing of the Sixth sense to bring forth Nekoterof and its nine incarnations.