OverHorde is The Revolution...Fight The Blockade
King Xon rules with an iron fist forged of flesh, bone, muscle and steel engulfed in a froth of desperation.  This is the time of  The OverLords, the ending of the era of mankind.   The initial horror of blazing the trail ahead will not be in vain and this I will show you soon after the tide turns towards travesty and turmoil.  They have come to open your mind to the impossible.  The EarthWalkers of  The Tongue Horde have exposed the truth in the lies and the lies in the truth and you have witnessed the birth of everything and nothing in the same instant.  A single breath is the last thing you would remember before your soul slips away from behind your eyes.  The Husk have become the force of destruction you have prayed for since birth, it is this you have been waiting for in the back of your mind.  The Dragon Brimstone has done his King's biding and you can smell the despair in the air, blowing in the scarce wind intent on singed skin with every shallow breeze it provides.  This is the ending, a time where Lord Nekoterof wields the pen in these tales to tell of tragedy to test your very relative existence in this plane and beyond beyond.  Open your mind and welcome the Majesty of Agony, King Xon, Forever.

Although he is not a member of The Husk, Non Hsrah shares the harsh outer epidermis with a tendency towards hostility and violence against those that stand in our way.  He is an Earthwalker, sentenced to live on Earth along with the others in The Tongue Horde, their destiny is ahead and they will not stop until it has been reached.  Accomplishment is not a hope or a prayer, it is reality everyday, for we know nothing else.  We have taken the best of what must be said and told it to you in a form and fashion of a psychotic breakdown in broad daylight.  We know no other way than to bring you the beyond beyond.  "The Husk in my flesh resides on a frame of iron singed with fire and cover in soot."  - Non Hsrah

Now they bear witness to the grotesque masterpiece, the man-dragon, Maggeddon, as he arrives from the skies above.  On this, the second day of Nekoterof, there comes the time to bring the sword to the battles lost by the pen.  This is not so much a choice, as a duty, an obligation and his purpose is to bring war.  Maggeddon is The War Monger, a xenophobic monstrosity of man vs beast personified in the most hideous fashion.  This is a time of great distress and it is ending with the last of the scuds run.  The missiles, they fly...
We are OverHorde and we believe in beyond beyond and wish to take you there with us.  We shall ride on the back of asteroids and meteorites through time and space, this is where we dwell.  It is from in  between the narrow crevice of life and death that we have come to show you another side of life, an alternate reality which lies somewhere in the midst of science fiction, fantasy and horror is home to a reluctant anti-hero, Etare Neged and The Nine Incarnations of Nekoterof.  We are here to bring the dead back to life and kill the immortal laying waste to the fabric of time in a brilliant display of white light and a vast emptiness.  Come, join us in The Revolution.
Etare Neged is The Future as the legend is told, but is this the truth?  Has Neged continued to defy death?  He is still here and is now in position of a tortured soul, Mau Fatt the Rotgut.  With this realization you can only begin to imagine the future and how far Neged will push the limits of reality to bend time and twist space into a vortex of mind- altering intergalactic rampage.  We are of free minds and seek out those who suffer for the truth in their souls.  These are the beyond beyond...
Welcome to the UnderWorld of OverHorde Entertainment, Inc.  This is a place where dreams are made into nightmares, where good and evil are at war with machines and Mother Nature.  She has given birth to The Magnificent Mutant, Mau Fatt the Rotgut.  The clouds above give way to the wings of The Dragon Brimstone as it descends on Earth from the skies.  This is just the beginning of the OverHorde Revolution