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The Tongue Horde


Etare Neged

  After being sentenced to life on the planet Earth by the Lord Thane Nekoterof, his Plutonian energy fused with a human in 1976. This created the superhuman form you see today. He is the neutrality of being wedged between the negative energy of Mau Fatt the Rotgut and the positive energy of Non Hsrah. He is immersed in an epic struggle between the two and often exemplifies the characteristics of both in an effort to broaden the horizons of mankind and teach them to think for themselves. Still true to his Plutonian Warlord roots, he travels the globe searching for answers and posing questions seeking to bring to Earth the infinite possibilities of the universe.

Mau Fatt the Rotgut

The Tortured Soul of the Earthwalker Etare Neged, born of the suffering and anguish of an energy not meant for this Earth, but destined to become one with it. He is derived from the Drunken Clan of the Plutonian Shores of Girthlock. When Etare Neged suffers, Mau Fatt thrives. After an allergic reaction to immense radiation exposure, Mau Fatt was the only thing keeping Etare Neged alive. Mau Fatt is not only the pain and suffering, but the strength and resilience to overcome it. To this day he struggles with the demons of the past and vows revenge as The Vexed.

  Non Hsrah

The Husk of the Earthwalker Etare Neged is a shroud upon the flesh of being. A harsh entity to most, Non Hsrah is an exoskeleton suite of armor warding off the evils of mankind. An open book too few, Non Hsrah is possesses a wealth of knowledge and emotions rarely seen on the surface of Etare Neged. He embodies what Etare Neged will eventually be as he ascends into Oblivion.